Events are a way to connect with your consumers and clients.  As we continue into the age where technology and online spaces rule, these types of spaces to connect with your sphere physically are becoming more and more essential.  Done correctly, events for your clients or community can be done at no cost, can bring in additional business, can aide in your company’s story telling and can create traditions that become a part of your company’s personality and character.

When we opened our office in Downtown Fargo, we decided we needed a space to help our clients throw events for clients and customers.  So, we did.  Attached to our office is a beautiful, open space of more than 1,600 square feet.  With white walls and a polished concrete floor, it’s a blank canvas that you can turn into any experience you want.  We’ll work with you to create experiences that your customers or team members won’t forget.  We can work with you and do everything for you, specific pieces or simply book the space and do whatever you want with it!

Hatch Coaching’s Mastermind Summit is great illustration of how we brought a company and its clients together.  We worked with them to brand the event with a logo and theme; we worked with caterers to provide a curated menu and food; we helped create memorable spaces and we helped them connect with their out-of-state clients who they do not normally meet face-to-face.

Client: Hatch Couching