We love working with our clients to build beautiful website that are functional, interactive, engaging and present opportunities to attract visitors to your site and entice them to stick around for awhile.  We also love helping companies create new ways of providing to their client base.  Napoleon Drug was that exact client.  As a small town and locally-owned pharmacy, Napoleon Drug wanted to find a way to allow their current customers to request their prescription refills online.  We worked with this small business, to create a custom site to give their customers a new platform that makes the process of submitting a refill request, simple and easy.

This project and client is an example of the problem solving skills our team possesses.  No matter the problem, hurdle or challenge your company is facing, we’d love to sit down and visit about it with you. Maybe you already have a site but you just need a new one.  Perhaps you have nothing and we need to start from scratch.  You could even be just like Napoleon Drug and you’re looking for a way to provide a service or resource to your customers or clients digitally.  Let’s figure it out.

Client: Napoleon Drug
Date: 2017