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We all spend time ensuring the first impression others have of us is strong. We spend time choosing our outfits, we carefully consider the colors we wear and how they match, we take care of our smiles and we spend time making sure our true personality is shown. Your logo is your brand’s first impression. It is the surface of your company’s personality and we can help you put in the time your logo deserves.

Nurtured Plains Farm is a small producer growing produce for sale at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores. They needed a logo and branding that was simple; they wanted to highlight the special touch that went into their production; and they wanted something that represented a flair of “organic.” Team Abovo’s solution was to use coloring found in nature combined with a sprout encompassed by a hand; the true beginning to the quality produce this company grows and creates.

Your logo and branding are elements that will – ultimately – live with your company forever. Your logo is going to be the icon and symbol that allows people to recognize your brand. Planning and designing a logo is a serious endeavor that should be treated with detail, careful thought and implement beautiful design. Team Abovo is a group of artists; we are brand strategists; we are the people that look at every detail and angle; and we’re people that spend just as much time getting dressed in the morning as you.

Client: Nurtured Plains Farm