2021 Marketing Tactics, Strategies, Platforms and Considerations​

WHY you need it?


At the beginning of each year, Team Abovo takes time to look back and reflect on the past twelve months. We look at the year’s projects. We analyze the performance of websites and digital ad campaigns. We look through the photographs we snapped. We flip through postcards, annual reports, brochures and rifle through other documents we designed and printed. We look at and consider nearly every experience from the year and discuss these as a team.

Our discussions revolve around what worked, what didn’t work, things we would do differently, and what we absolutely cannot wait to help a client do again. It has always been meaningful for us as a team to share these knowledge and experiences. As we march into 2021, we want to offer you a seat at this table of these reflections. We want to bring you into the very conversations our team had and share the tactics, strategies and platforms we believe you should be most concerned about in this new year. Effective marketing and advertising tactics are both challenges with, what seems like, endless platforms available to meet your customers. To equip and provide you with actionable tactics, we’ve narrowed this guide down to four essential tips and strategies for 2021. We hope you find this guide remarkably insightful, surprisingly helpful, and positively game-changing.