Fridays are for prizes!
Check our Facebook page every Friday to see a trivia question and enter your answer here. You may be a Prize-Day-Friday-Winner!

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If you’re on this page, it means you’ve probably discovered our virtual treasure map.  Good for you.  This is going to be fun.

To find our hidden prizes in Downtown Fargo, follow these steps:

First: Download the ROAR app to unlock the hidden map.  We’ve put links above for Apple and Android users.  Alternatively, you can search your app store for ROAR Augmented Reality (btw, the app is free).

Second: Open that app.  Scrub past the directions and welcome screens (or read them if you want).

Next: Get to the scanning screen.  Turn your volume up and scan our Downtown-Fargo-Postcard.  Back up to make sure the entire image fits in your screen.  Make sure you hold the scan button in to allow the scanner to detect the entire image.

Fourth: The map and clues to Downtown treasures will come alive.

Finally: Let’s play.

Finally, finally: Come back on (random) Fridays for more.  We’ve got lots of treasure.  For the inside scoop on when we launch clues, sign up in the form above.