Great Work: An Old Spice Campaign

Two words completely changed the trajectory of Old Spice’s sales and would change their marketing for years to come. “Hello, Ladies!” This campaign thrived on knowing its target audience, capitalized on a comedic dialogue between males and females, and was a knockout when it comes to social engagement.

Great Work: A Volkswagen Campaign

Many marketing and advertising professionals define Volkswagen’s “Think Small” campaign as the gold standard and it still influences much of the marketing we consumers see today. This is the ad campaign that arguably, set the bar for copywriters and print advertising, and set it high.

November 2022 Newsletter

Gift giving is something we love to do at Abovo. We take great pride in curating surprises for (or on behalf of) others. So, what is the secret to finding that special something? For us, bright copy is the right copy.

October 2022 Newsletter

There’s no question that your online presence is important. What does your current website say about you? Whether you’re adding functionality or refreshing a look, an online audit is an important step in keeping your website aligned with your brand.

September 2022 Newsletter

There’s no question that websites are an important part of our world. Businesses, manufacturers, groups, causes, towns, you name it and it likely has a website or online presence. We all use websites every day – but, unless you work with a website directly, do you really know the terms used in the industry?

Print Terms to Know

Every industry uses terms that are unique to what they do and/or produce. A lug of peaches – why not simply a box? Hosting a soiree – it’s just a party. The print industry is no different. Gutter? Die? PMS? (not what you think) Yep, printing has some doozies. Knowing correct printing terms will help you get the results you want, while understanding the process a little better.