October 2023 Newsletter: 404: Turning Oops into Whoop, Whoop! 😄🚀

404 Page

Ever found yourself lost in the vast wilderness of the internet, only to stumble upon the dreaded 404 page? We’ve all been there, and it’s like accidentally taking a detour into the land of lost webpages. Because landing on your 404 page is common, take the opportunity to turn this unexpected pitstop into a fun representation of your brand and sprinkle a little sunshine on someone’s browsing journey (while gently guiding them back to reality).

Picture this: Your 404 page becomes a canvas for creativity, a place where your brand’s personality shines through. With quirky phrases, captivating photos, and eye-catching imagery, you not only stay true to your brand identity but also reveal the human side of your website. At Team Abovo, we’re big fans of turning these digital hiccups into delightful surprises. Want to dive deeper into the world of 404 pages? Check out this guide we’ve put together which includes some real-life examples we’ve created for clients – we’ve got plenty of inspiration to share.

And guess what? If you’re feeling a bit lost yourself when it comes to crafting your own unique 404 page, we’re just a call away. Let’s turn those web wanderers into happy campers together!


ABABY News👶🏻

Meet our newest team member, Lyla Louise Gaughan. Congrats to Allyson and Ben!

We're Board

Andrew has been elected to the Board of Directors for Starion Bank!

Out of the Darkness ❤️

Andrew spoke at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s walk in Fargo, ND.

Mid-day Workout 💪

As designers we’re constantly reimagining our office space – and with that comes heavy lifting.

Say Cheese 😄

ND FFA State Officers stopped by Abovo for a photoshoot.

Event Alert 🚨

Andrew is a speaker at ‘Curiosity Week’ the week of October 9th, in Fargo. Click here to learn more about the event.


Mark your calendars and get your best 404 pages ready for April 4th, a day reserved for web enthusiasts – it’s 404 Day!


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