Teach Ag Day North Dakota Classroom Posters

Consider a career in Agricultural Education

To help promote agricultural education Team Abovo worked alongside Desi Severance (Wyndmere Public School) and Dr. Adam Marx (North Dakota State University) to produce a dynamic and interesting poster that would display in classrooms throughout the entire state of North Dakota.


As our creative team began this project, we discovered and reflected in one main challenge:  We knew these posters would be displayed in classrooms throughout the duration of a school year (and maybe even longer).  Because of this, we knew the poster could be filled with (informational) text but we also had to employ the tactic of making it interesting enough to entice a student to want to read it and to create “new things” for them to discover each time they looked at it.


Our answer to this challenge was a “roadmap” made of interesting graphics that directly and/or indirectly illustrated the accompanying text and copy of the poster.  The wide variety of graphics, in their size, offered the ability to split up the massive amount of information text that our client required be on the poster.  The wide variety of graphics, in their level of detail, offered us the ability to “hide” little things, images, scenes and other details for students to discover.  We believe the incredible attention to detail offers a product that is interesting no matter how many times you consume it: There’s always something new to discover!



Teach Ag Day Poster Addy Award


The work and solution we did with our clients and for this project earned Team Abovo a “Silver” American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award for 2019 in the state of North Dakota.  The award was given in the advertising category of: Out-of-home & Ambient Media (Poster).


Andrew Young – Project Management

Allyson Gaughan – Graphic Design

North Dakota Association of Agricultural Educators (Desi Severance and Dr. Adam Marx) –  Copywriting

The AAF’s annual award program honors excellence in advertising/marketing and cultivates the highest creative standards and is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.  Each year, AAF members across the country enter more than 40,000 samples of their best work which makes these awards the world’s largest advertising competition.

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