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Scope of Team Abovo’s work on this project:

1. Concept and Idea Creation

Every year, Team Abovo creates a holiday card and/or gift to send to our clients and friends. Our objective is always centered around showing gratitude, showcasing some our work and having fun! Through a brainstorming session, we decided to put our own spin on a favorite office game, Spot It! As a “shout out” to those important to our company, and the fact that we’re so very loud when we play, naming our version of the game came natural – Shout Out!

2. Coordination

Team Abovo secured the algorithm that makes game play possible. Next, we tested different sizes and papers for cards to ensure playability and durability standards were met.

3. Creative & Graphic Design

With 54 characters and icons needed for the game design, we had a lot of fun incorporating icons that represent our clients, our team and our passions. Next, all of the icons were created with a cohesive look. Finally, all icons were sorted based on the algorithm to create one unique matching pair of characters on each card combination.

4. Print and Assemble

Final files were sent to our friends at Knight for printing, trimming the cards into the circle shape and sorting into decks. Team Abovo sourced a gold metal can to use for packaging, and created a product seal for the top.

5. Strategy and Implementing

When all of the decks were packaged into their tins, we created an instructional Christmas card, explaining play of the game. We also recorded an instructional video that could be watched by scanning any of the cards with our virtual reality app connected to the Shout Out! logo. We were so happy to hear of the fun everyone had playing Shout Out! over the holidays. Our mission of spreading cheerful thanks was accomplished.


Client: Abovo 

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