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Damn Good Photography for Damn Good Beef

About Betterfed Beef

BetterFed Beef is an e-commerce company selling premium beef products direct to consumers through their online storefront, BetterFedBeef.com. The company, based out of Minnesota, connects seventeen Midwest farm families who raise a specialized line of cattle as BetterFed Beef Producer-Owners. In addition to producing a high-quality product, BetterFed Beef prides itself on cutting out the middlemen and connecting consumers directly with American cattle producers.




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The Challenge

When we first started working with BetterFed Beef, they were a brand new company without a visual identity. Amongst the other elements of their brand, we knew powerful photography would be a requirement for everything from product images taken in the studio, to on-site lifestyle photography on the farms where the cattle are raised.

The Solution

With an ever-growing product offering, it was essential to create a standard for the product studio photography that could routinely and consistently be recreated as new products are introduced. In addition to accurately portraying the product in its raw, studio form, we also wanted to provide lifestyle photography of the products in-use, and prioritized capturing images of the products being prepped, cooked, and enjoyed.

Additionally, BetterFed Beef consists of seventeen farm families across the Midwest who raise cattle for the company. To better tell this story, we visited every farm and captured photos of the families, facilities, and cattle they raise.

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About the Project

We are fortunate to work very closely with BetterFed Beef, and have had the opportunity to assist with all of their photography needs since the company’s formation. From headshots to cattle, and burgers to ribeyes, it has been a pleasure to see this company and brand evolve from behind the lens.