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We believe in leveraging our expertise to foster a stronger, healthier and more vibrant community. Our commitment extends beyond creative design and marketing; it’s about making a meaningful impact. Yet, our ambition to make a substantial difference must be balanced with the practical reality that we can’t stretch ourselves to support every cause. Periodically, we gather insights from our team about what matters most to us and from there, we shape our focal points of commitment. This process helps us make informed decisions, ensuring our efforts are concentrated and impactful, rather than diluted across too many fronts.


Our commitment to these specific areas empowers us to concentrate our resources and efforts where we can truly make a substantial impact, recognizing that while every area is important, we prioritize depth over breadth in our initiatives. Team Abovo is currently committted to these areas:

Suicide prevention

Providing support and resources to those in crisis. 

Creativity and Art

Cultivating artistic expression and appreciation within the community.

Food Stability

Ensuring everyone has access to nutritious food.

Youth & Agriculture

Encouraging young individuals to engage with and understand the agricultural roots of our community.

Public Health

Supporting initiatives that promote overall community wellness.

STEM Learning

Fostering curiosity and education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Our Contribution to Change

Providing in-kind services is one of the best ways we can help nonprofits in the areas of ouf focus. We are proud of the tangible impact our contributions have made in our community.

*figures updated March 2024

In-Kind Hours Provided To Date


In-Kind Value of Services Provided To Date


Our doors are open to non-profit organizations and causes that align with our vision, especially those actively making strides in our designated focus areas. While we are keen on forming partnerships, it’s important to understand that our support is offered on a partial in-kind basis. This means we provide a selection of our services — such as website design, graphic design, and strategy — to enhance your message and impact. However, please note that aligning with our focus areas does not automatically guarantee in-kind support. Each collaboration is subject to our current capacity and alignment with our strategic goals, ensuring our contributions are both meaningful and manageable.

Request for Sponsorship and/or Donation

If your non-profit organization aligns with our focus areas and you’re interested in seeking support, please fill out our Sponsorship Donation Request Form below.

Connect With Us

We’re more than a creative design and marketing agency; we’re part of the Fargo community. Stay connected with us through our social media channels and our website, TeamAbovo.com, to see how we show our compassion, one creative project at a time.