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Unitedhealth Foundation Stakeholder & Healthcare Worker Appreciation Gift

About Unitedhealth Foundation

Founded in 1999, UnitedHealth Foundation is UnitedHealth Group’s philanthropic organization committed to developing and supporting innovative and evidence-based activities that help the health system work better. The foundation identifies meaningful partnerships and initiatives that have the potential to be scaled – leading to improved access to care, better health outcomes and healthier communities. Team Abovo was fortunate to alongside the foundation to develop a special gift for members of one its recent grant recipients, Valle del Sol Community Health Center.


Coffee Label Design

Graphic Design

Gift Packaging Design

Gift Item Procurement

Theme Design


The Challenge

Create a meaningful gift to propertly commemorate those who have spent countless hours and heartfelt dedication to the mobile unit project.

The Solution

We developed the “Our Cup Overflows” gift box. To tie in with the mobile health unit, we featured a travel mug. This was complimented with a custom package of coffee. A large card of appreciation topped the package to create a unique opening expereince, and a vehicle to express gratitude.
The overall design featured mountains representative of the are served, and a sunrise signifying hope. Use of box inserts enhanced the seamless design held all of the items snugly together during shipping.

millions of dollars given to local communities by UnitedHealth Foundation Since 1990
dollars saved for every 1 dollar spend in mobile health units
visits that mobile health unites serve annually across the United States

About the Project

At Abovo, we love to curate gifts specific to a group or cause. Finding gifts that are useful is always a top priority. This is a step that is often overlooked in corporate gifting. Think about the recipients first, then creatively tie the gift to to the company. Using elements like local landmarks and company colors are great ways to connect a company to a gift without making it feel promotional. This allows for the sentiment to be the star of the show.