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6 Different Headshots & Styles

Team Abovo put together a list, including the setup, of six different styles of headshots. From casual, to formal, to unexpected find the right look and stick with it!

Our Award-Winning Pop Culture Campaign

Team Abovo executed a campaign for Hatch Reality that took advantage of the hype around the season 8 premiere of HBO’s iconic series Game of Thrones.

Direct Mailers With a (literal) Pop!

North Dakota-based real estate brokerage, Hatch Realty, needed to capture the attention of potential home sellers.

How Sweet It Is! Duchessa Gelato Packaging

Team Abovo tackles creating a pint package design as sweet as farm fresh, small batch gelato.

Daily’s Market, Building a Brand

Team Abovo worked with store owners Than and Charlotte Young to bring a new store, and new brand, to life on Broadway.

Wimmer’s “Grease” Print Ad

The use of clever copy writing to make a local jeweler stand out.

Teach Ag Day North Dakota Classroom Posters

Team Abovo’s challenge to create North Dakota classroom posters for the National Teach Ag Day campaign.

Bell Insurance’s 70-ft Wall Mural

Applied to the North wall of the historic Fargo Theatre, located in the heart of downtown Fargo.

Every Super Bowl Logo

Every Super Bowl logo since 1967 in one place. Which is your favorite?

1 headshot. 8 uses.

We used a single headshot to show how you can create 8 different pieces.

24/7 Branding

People ask us what we do at Abovo and this is our answer. 24/7 Branding, a parody set to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic highlights the world of marketing, advertising and the skills needed to be present in them.​

Writing a Great Audio Script for Spotify & Radio

For years, the ads people like you and I would hear on platforms like Spotify and Pandora have come from large national brands with marketing pockets deep enough to utilize …

Abovo Takes Home the Gold and Silver at the 2019 ADDY Awards

Abovo recently received awards for producing four of North Dakota’s top 2018 marketing and advertising campaigns.  The awards, referred to as “ADDYs,” were given by the American Advertising Federation at …

We’re on Spotify (and you can be, too)!

Abovo is excited to offer a new service and platform: Internet radio ad buying. As a recognized Spotify ad buyer and with an audio studio located in our downtown Fargo …

Showing off your Brand

by Andrew J. Young • February 1, 2019 Living in today’s era of constant technological development and speedy diffusion of information and news is exciting. For marketers, the tools and platforms technology has built …

Engage With Giveaways

Andrew J. Young At Team Abovo, we love giveaways. There are two types of giveaways we love: We love giving away fun things in front of our Downtown Fargo storefront ...

Airbnb City Guide: Fargo

This guide, created by locals, is your tool and resource to – properly – discover Fargo, North Dakota and the charm it has to offer. If you are an Airbnb …

Abovo + Fuze Entertainment Collaborate for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Andrew J. Young Team Abovo recently collaborated with our friend and fellow Fargo-based business, Fuze Entertainment to turn our office’s storefront into a “glowing” campaign to bring awareness to …

Bringing Our Office Wall to Life

            As you stroll through Downtown Fargo (home to Team Abovo!) you’ll immediately notice the number of storefronts coming to life. Stabo Scandinavian Imports, a …

Facebook Cover Video: The how to

Facebook Cover Video: The how to by Jack Winders Updated as of September 2018. Facebook cover photos are like Hinge profiles. You want them to be attractive and represent up-to-date ...

Team Abovo Claims First Gold ADDY Award

TEAM ABOVO CLAIMS FIRST “GOLD” ADDY AWARD Fargo North Dakota, February 23, 2018, Abovo received its first “Gold” Addy award at the Annual American Advertising (AAF) Awards for North Dakota held ...

3 Rules for Graphic Design by Graphic Designers

10MM: 3 Graphic Design Rules to Follow The world of graphic design can be an intimidating place to venture for those who may not have much experience with the art. ...


Marketing is expensive. It takes time. As new technology and platforms emerge daily, it’s difficult to keep up. At Abovo, we get it. It’s not easy; however, it’s what we do best.

Practicing Sound Bites

10MM Practicing Sound Bites By Jack Winders. We’ve had him before and we are lucky to have him with us again. The 10 Minute Multitask welcomes back West Hollywood based …

Facebook to change. Again.

Facebook to change. Again. Facebook will change (again) in 2018 and it’s something businesses, brands and marketers need to know about. As a digital marketing company, one of mediums we …

5 Keys for a [great] First Impression

OUR TOP 5 KEYS: FIRST IMPRESSIONS “First impressions are everything.” You have heard this expression and for good reason, because often times, that is the case. According to the Association …

5 Questions with Abovo Founder, Andrew Young

FIVE QUESTIONS WITH ABOVO FOUNDER, ANDREW YOUNG By Nate Mickelberg | Fargo Inc | Spot Light Media Q1: The disruptive nature of Millennials across a variety of industries is well ...

Creating a Blog Post Using WordPress

HOW TO CREATE A BLOG POST ON WORDPRESS By Jonathan Calix. This is a short tutorial of how to create blog postings on your website, from the beginning to the …

Using Words to Create Impact In Storytelling/Branding/Marketing

[TS-VCSC-Youtube content_youtube=""] 10MM: USing words to create impact By Jack Winders. Take a moment and think of profound song lyric. Or your favorite poem, passage or verse. A sound bite ...

Creating Impact: The 6 principles

[TS-VCSC-Youtube content_youtube=""] Creating Impact: The 6 principles By: Jack Winders In what marks the first international edition of the 10-Minute Multitask, we were fortunate enough to catch up with marketing ...

Google Ads: Bidding Break-Down

Google Ads: Bidding Break-Down Confusing as Google Ads may seem, they are a valuable tool and will increase the online presence of any company. For many, purchasing Google Ads is …

Google Ads: Quality Scores (In Layman Terms)

Google Ads: Quality Scores (In Layman Terms) If learning more about quality scores is what you are after, you have come to the right place, so keep on reading. In ...

Google Ads: A Definition You Can Understand 

Google Ads: A Definition You Can Understand  GOOGLE ADS: WTF Google Ads are something you see every day. You probably even saw a couple before you clicked on whatever brought …

Writing A Press Release

You Need to Write a Press Release. We’ve Made It Easy. Here’s How. You came needing to learn how to write a press release (or refresh your memory).  If you’ve …

Speaking in Sound Bites

[TS-VCSC-Youtube content_youtube=""] 10MM Speaking in Sound Bites By Jack Winders. The 10 minute multitask visited with West Hollywood based freelance director, Uri Gal-Ed for his insights and experiences on a ...


[TS-VCSC-Youtube content_youtube=""]   10MM Storytelling By Jack Winders. Think of your best friend.  Think of your mom.  Now think of your dad or even your favorite company or brand.  Think ...

Power of Thank You Cards

Power of Thank You Cards The power behind something simple: Saying “Thank You.” By Andrew J. Young   If it were up to your parents, they may have been some ...

How to write a thank you card

How to write a thank you card Consumer trend research and small business owners have highlighted the essential business practice of thanking your customers, clients and consumers.  We’ve documented some ...

Writing your first [good] blog

Writing your first [good] blog You’ve been assigned to write a blog.  Or maybe you’ve read some book that said: “You need to start blogging for your [small business].” Whether ...

How to order a custom Snapchat Filter

Get a custom Snapchat Filter By Marta Fitzer. We've made designing Snapchat filters for engagement easy.  Use our tool above to design your Snapchat filter and allow your guests to ...

A ‘Press Release’ Defined

A ‘Press Release’ Defined You’ve heard the term and you’ve probably read one or two.  If you’ve come to this article, you’re seeking the first step to writing one.  You’ve …