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Famiglia Meschini Wine Label Design


Started in the 1980s by father and son Primo and Pacifico Meschini, this family-owned vineyard is nestled in one of the world’s most premier growing regions for Malbec and Cabernet: Mendoza, Argentina. Over the years, Famiglia Meschini has grown to offer dozens of wine varieties coming from the grapes of two of its vineyards located in Agrelo and San Carlos, Mendoza. With family and relationships a high priority to Famiglia Meschini, they developed the ‘Mark’ series: A special Cabernet Sauvignon celebrating their strong connection to family in Fargo, North Dakota.


3D Modeling

Product Label Design

Product Packaging Design & Finishing

Press Release Writing & Distribution

Media Relations


The Challenge

  1. Create a unique wine label that clearly connects Argentina, the country, to Fargo, the North Dakota city.
  2. Create a wine label that stands out on the shelf, separating itself from the products it is place beside and encourages customers to “pick up.”

The Solution

It didn’t take our creative copywriters long to realize there’s a little bit of Argentina right in the middle of f(ARG)o! By identifying what we wanted to say, we then focused on how we’d like to say it. The Fargo Theatre marquee in downtown Fargo is a well-recognized and loved landmark. By cropping the sign to trim the F and O slightly at the top and bottom, we allow the ARG in Fargo to stand out. The product name, A Taste of Argentina, was added to the negative space to balance the label’s content. Special gloss coatings, a color-matched wax seal and gold foiling help this bottle (literally) shine and stand out amongst the bottles it’s displayed beside.

sketches and handwritten titles completed by the designer to find the perfect finished look
cases of wine bottled with this label in Argentina
bottles distributed specifically to the Fargo-Moorhead area

About the Project

Product labels are an artform in themselves. When it comes to wine, we think everyone can admit to buying a bottle for the label at one time or another. Like small posters, they’re as eye-catching as they are informational. From fun to formal, much thought goes into balancing imagery with the feelings you want the label to convey and the product brand itself. If you have a product that needs a label design, give us a shout. We’d love to design for you.