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Duchessa Gelato Packaging


Duchessa Gelato is a small batch gelato company based in Carrington, ND. Company owner Maartje Murphy creates cool and creative flavors with fresh milk from her family’s dairy farm, onsite. From cow to cone, it doesn’t get much better than that!


Web Design

Package Design

Brand Creation/Design

The Challenge

With many different gelato flavors changing on the menu, Duchessa needed packaging that would be easily customizable. The brand also had a unique product and local story to tell.

The Solution

Team Abovo worked with the client to develop a word art design that represents their premium product. Words like handmade, fresh, North Dakota, small scale, joy, and happiness surround a clear container to allow the natural swirls and colors of the gelato to show through. Two versions of the container were printed for readability and contrast: black for lighter colored gelato flavors, and white for the darker batches.
An outline of the home state of North Dakota provides the perfect location to name the flavor inside the jar. This is written with permanent ink as each jar is hand packed.

Oz containers designed by Abovo
Unique flavors offered
Year Duchessa was Founded

About the Project

We are fortunate to have a very creative and engaged client in Duchessa Gelato. Hearing their vision and brainstorming with their team is so much fun. It is truly a pleasure to work with this brand as it grows!