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Help Yourself - ND United

About ND United

North Dakota United (NDU) is an organization created by the merger of the North Dakota Education Association (NDEA) and the North Dakota Public Employees Association (NDPEA). Their membership includes K-12 teachers, education support professionals, higher education faculty and staff, state, county and municipal employees, as well as students and retired workers.




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The Challenge

North Dakota United came to Abovo with the challenge of increasing enrollment in their organization, particularly amongst educators within the first five years of their career. Through exploratory and discovery work with the NU United team, it was determined that one of the challenges was in communicating the benefits of membership efficiently and in a digestible, concise manner.

The Solution

Together with the North Dakota United team, we developed the Help Yourself campaign to present the various benefits of membership in the organization in a way that would get noticed and consumed. With a goal to “stop the scroll” on the social media platforms where the ads primarily ran, we incorporated studio photography, unique photo editing and post-production, a bold campaign brand design, and interesting subject matter/props to help draw attention to the campaign. 

We also incorporated a giveaway component into the campaign as a means of generating a contact list of firs-party data for the ND United team to utilize in their recruitment efforts. As a result of the campaign, ND United saw a significant increase in new memberships.

members highlighted
final assets delivered
giant buckets of KFC Chicken

About the Project

The Help Yourself campaign ran in several iterations accross multiple years. Over the course of its lifetime, the campaign included elements of photography, videography, :30s broadcast commercial production, direct mail, brand design, sound design and more.