“The Energizer Bunny™” by Energizer

What keeps going and going longer than an Energizer battery? The Energizer Bunny ad campaign. What started in 1989 as a somewhat controversial reaction to an industry competitor, has become an American icon lasting longer than three decades.

A Bunny's Story

“Think Small” rolled out in 1959, with zero expectations from Volkswagen – “It can’t get worse,” they thought. The results of the campaign were almost instantaneous, resulting in immense success. People all over the US, and the world, were talking about it. Sales backed up the campaign, and Volkswagen reached enormous success in the United States within only a few years, rivaling giants like Ford, Chevrolet and Cadillac. To this day, it’s still considered the greatest ad campaign of all time.

The Energizer Bunny only exists in North America, the Duracell Bunny retains its trademark in Europe, Australia and South America.

The Energizer Bunny was developed by agency DDB Needham in 1989, but it was agency TBWA/Chiat/Day who created the campaigns that made it a household name. They presented Energizer with two ad concepts, a safe, yet memorable campaign illustrating what could happen if you bought inferior batteries and they failed; and an edgier campaign where a bunny crashed through the scenes of fictitious products, with the voiceover “Nothing outlasts the Energizer. They keep going and going and going…” Taking a risk, Energizer agreed to the latter and set the scene for many memorable ads and collaborations throughout the years. By 2008, the Energizer Bunny held a 95% recognition rate. Set firmly as an American icon, the Energizer Bunny even had a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, another American icon.

Still Going

In 2016 Energizer moved to agency Camp + King who created the more animated bunny we see today. The new agency also launched ads across new media channels. Within the first year of its updated look, Energizer battery sales increased by 12.8%. From broadcast to digital to social media, the bunny Keeps Going® along with its campaign, and the term “Energizer Bunny” has become synonymous with limitless energy and endurance in American culture.

The Energizer Bunny only exists in North America, the Duracell Bunny retains its trademark in Europe, Australia and South America.


There are many reasons for success we as marketers can learn from the Energizer Bunny campaign

1. Be consistent – A lot has changed since 1989, but the bunny keeps going on its original path. To build a strong icon, and keep a strong icon, you must remain true to your icon. Don’t change for the sake of changing, you will only confuse your customers and hurt your brand.

2. Be creatively flexible – Keep up with current trends and fresh content. The Energizer Bunny continues to be relevant because it has adapted to changing culture and updated technology without sacrificing its message or its brand.

3. Safer isn’t always better – When faced with the choice of being safe or taking a chance, weigh the options. Marketing needs to be creative and stand out amongst the competition.

Introduced for the 1994 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Energizer “Hot Hare” Balloon was taller than the Statue of Liberty and had size 98 EEEEE feet.


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