Bell Insurance’s 70-ft Wall Mural

Applied to the North wall of the historic Fargo Theatre, located in the heart of downtown Fargo at the office of Bell Insurance (318 Broadway North).

This single-installation project is the result of the client, Bell Insurance, wishing to add visual interest to the previously bare brick wall outside the windows of their office. The client expressed their desire to create a piece incorporating elements from the downtown Fargo/Moorhead area, that also depicts the transformation this area has experienced over the years.

To achieve these goals, we proposed the idea of creating an abstract look of downtown that blends current features with historical elements that may no longer remain, or have changed dramatically throughout the years. Through the use of our own photographs of the current downtown landscape and photos from historical archives dating back to the late 19th century, we were able to create a representation of Downtown Fargo that is fluid across the past 100+ years.

Bell Insurance’s wall mural earned Team Abovo a “Gold” American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award for 2019 in the state of North Dakota.

The AAF’s annual award program honors excellence in advertising/marketing and cultivates the highest creative standards and is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.  Each year, AAF members across the country enter more than 40,000 samples of their best work which makes these awards the world’s largest advertising competition.


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