Bringing Our Office Wall to Life

As you stroll through Downtown Fargo (home to Team Abovo!) you’ll immediately notice the number of storefronts coming to life.

Stabo Scandinavian Imports, a tenant in West Acres Mall for more than 45 years, opened its Downtown storefront in July (406 Broadway North).

Silver Lining Creamery, who specialize in producing premium ice cream, opened their doors in the former Metro Drug space.

Kilstone Brewing’s tap room is under construction and other shops like Scoop-N-Dough Candy Co.Pink Thread Boutique and Others Shop have all recently made Downtown Fargo spaces their homes. Construction projects such as Roberts Commons, Block 9 and the Black Building are ensuring an exciting future of new tenant and store announcements.

As you continue your stroll through this urban playground you’ll notice excitement and life is not only in its stores and people; Downtown’s surfaces are also coming alive.  The city’s street side electrical boxes have come to life with a movement launched by local Fargo business Office Sign CompanySilver Lining Creamery applied their, now famous, “angel wings” wall art to their Broadway location; and you can even find wall murals depicting imagery of Nintendo’s iconic video game, Mario Brothers.

It seems reasonable to believe this growth and excitement may slow down (or even cease); but for people visiting the Downtown area daily, the growth and life being added to this mecca within our city seems to only be beginning.

Our team at Abovo wanted to contribute to the life being brought into our neighborhood.  Recently, we installed artwork on the exterior wall of our office located in Roberts Alley.  The artwork, designed by graphic designer Allyson Gaughan, depicts iconic imagery of Downtown Fargo.  A replica of the piece is also sold as a postcard in Others Shop (located at 218 Broadway North).  The wall-art, installed and printed by Office Sign Company, seems standard and traditional when passing by but within it lives a secret we hope to use to create a tradition.

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“We’re a marketing and branding company,” says Andrew Young, founder and creative director of Abovo.  “We wanted to contribute to the charm of Downtown Fargo, but we knew we needed to do so in a way that was unique and different.”

Upon visiting the mural, you will notice a small sign mounted to its right side.  The sign illustrates instructions on how a visitor can use the mural to find hidden clues leading them to a prize.

“This display is more than something printed and mounted on a wall.  It comes to life and it becomes a virtual treasure map people can use and engage with,” explains Young.  “But we don’t want to give many details away.  We want the experience to be something unexpected and something folks discover for themselves.”

The Roberts Alley mural will be “loaded” with clues randomly, but the company says they will always, “be on a Friday.”

“There’s not a rhyme or reason as to which Fridays we ‘load’ the map with a clue,” tells Jack Winders, marketing coordinator with Abovo.  “We can tell you the prizes and treasure will be worth the hunt, though.”

To see the augmented reality artwork yourself, visit the Roberts Alley wall, adjacent to the Roberts Alley door of the Roberts Commons parking garage.

You can also visit to learn more about our project or to sign up to receive an email when a clue is launched.


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