Direct Mailers With a (literal) Pop!

Hatch Dice Mailer

North Dakota-based (Fargo) real estate brokerage, Hatch Realty, needed to capture the attention of potential home sellers.  We created a design and strategy that – literally – popped.


The internal sales agents (ISAs) of Hatch Realty monitor, daily, the homes listed in all their markets (Grand Forks, Bismarck, Detroit Lakes-area, Fargo-Moorhead).  One of the items they are actively monitoring is a listing’s expiration.  When a listing was expired, they would immediately mail a hand-written note to the seller, informing them of Hatch Realty’s services and why they might be different from whoever they were working with before.  The ISAs came to us with a challenge: Add a 2nd layer of direct mail exposure to really capture their attention.  What happened next: Our “dice mailers” were born and created!


Understanding online mega-stores (like Amazon) are bringing people to their mailboxes every day, we wanted to create a piece of mail that stood out and without-a-doubt would be opened and consumed.  To create something that stood out and to entice people to open it, we created a mailer that was ¼” thick in size (package-like – who wouldn’t want to open a package?) with the copy: NO MORE ROLLING THE DICE.


What happens next is the real pop and attention getter.  We’ve created a slow-motion video for you to take a look for yourself!

When the receiver opens the package two dice – literally – pop out.  The copy and text used in the interior both informs the receiver of Hatch Realty’s service and further illustrates the campaign imagery of the use of dice by using copy and text centered around “when it comes to the sale of your home, don’t roll the dice.”

This piece not only captured the attention of the receiver but also made the phone calls between the ISAs and the receiver easier and approachable by equipping them with ice breakers and something softer to talk about before they approached something as serious as the listing of a home.


This campaign was so successful for Hatch Realty that real estate brokerages around the country contacted us to create the same for them!


The work and solution we created for Hatch Realty and this project earned Team Abovo a “Silver” American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award for 2019 in the state of North Dakota.  The award was given in the advertising category of:  SALES & MARKETING: 3D/MIXED DIRECT MAIL.


Jennifer Hicks – Account & Project Manager

Andrew Young – Creative Direction

Allyson Gaughan – Graphic Design

The AAF’s annual award program honors excellence in advertising/marketing and cultivates the highest creative standards and is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.  Each year, AAF members across the country enter more than 40,000 samples of their best work which makes these awards the world’s largest advertising competition.


Dice Mailer ADDY


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