Engage With Giveaways

At Team Abovo, we love giveaways.

There are two types of giveaways we love:

  1. We love giving away fun things in front of our Downtown Fargo storefront every month. Look at these dog treats we left for our furry neighbors.

2. We love working with our clients to develop giveaways and contests on social media.

Giveaways and contests on these digital platforms are a fun and engaging way to interact with your customers, clients and – most importantly – your future and/or potential customers.

Developing a strategic calendar of contests and giveaways is something you can do with a team like ours, and even without.  Our recipe for a successful social media giveaway contest includes 4 ingredients.

Ingredient #1: A prize

Get creative with this, but don’t think too hard.  Ask you and your team: What would we want to win?  What would we want so bad that we would share a Facebook page or tag a friend?

VISA gift cards are great.  Tickets to concerts and special events in your community are other great options.  Or, even smaller items like a cup of coffee can be a fun prize for your followers to win!

Ingredient #2: A strategy

Why are you doing this giveaway?  Do you need more followers?  Do you want more “likes?”  Do you want shares?

Note: You can’t have them all at once, and giveaways that try to accomplish them all fail.  Consistent and scheduled giveaways allow you to mix and match which strategies you unveil.  People want to participate in a contest that is easy and clear.  Instead of requiring someone to like and share and comment and like your page, choose one (MAYBE two).

Ingredient #3: Graphic Design

Aesthetic is important.  Take the time to create a graphic you would be proud of.  If you can’t do it yourself, hire a graphic designer or a team like ours.  Again, this has to be something you would want to share.  If you wouldn’t, why would anyone else?  This is also the part where you can put your creative flair to work.  Think of a fun design and campaign.  Some examples of some contests and giveaways we’ve done:


When the thermometer hits 50 degrees for the first time this spring, we’re giving 4 people $50 VISA Gift Cards!   Tell us what spring activity you’re looking forward to below and you’re entered to win!


We love the Bison just as much as we love gold!  Share this page and like our page for a chance to win this NDSU pendant!  We’re choosing one lucky guy or gal to win!


Everyone’s second favorite ginger is coming to town: Ed Sheeran!  Tell us who you’d bring in the comments below and share this post.  We’re choosing one couple for a ginger-powered-party on Hatch Realty!

Ingredient #4: Announce the winner

For us, this may be one of the most important ingredients and layers, especially if you want to construct a successful schedule of giveaways and contests.  Your followers want to know they have a chance.  They want to know your prizes are actually being given out and they want to see the winner.  Make sure they know; this is what will keep them coming back.  This can be as easy as going Facebook-live for a live-drawing or you can draw in your office and create a graphic announcing the winners.

If you’re able to “find” these four “ingredients” we can – almost – promise a successful social media giveaway.  But, don’t stop there.  Do more.  Be consistent.  Use the power of these engaging campaigns to create exposure to your brand; build loyalty in your followers; offer fun content for followers to consume; and help drive sales!


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