June 2023 Newsletter: Video Tells the Story

Border States
FlexSeT Video

Video is a great instructional tool with the ability to create a rich and engaging storytelling experience. When Border States asked us for ideas to help to showcase their services around Schneider Electric’s FlexSeT product line, we leaned on the powerful tool of video.

FlexSeT is a flexible, modular design for electric switchboards. The product is revolutionary in the industry both for its ease of use and short lead times. To illustrate this we knew we wanted something fast paced, technical and bold. Team Abovo visited Border States’ FlexSeT production site in North Carolina. Here, we were able to capture the assembly of an electrical panel. To insert Border States’ brand into the product and video we deployed red and blue tube lights. The lighting did more than insert the electrical supply company’s brand – it added fierceness. By speeding up the playback in editing we were able to illustrate the assembly in a matter of seconds. We combined our creative video shots and editing with custom sourced music and professional voiceover narration. The final product has become a tool for Border States’ to help tell the story of their services, products and credentials.

What story would you like to tell? Reach out to us and let us know!


Portfolio Review

Tristan got invited back to his college as a judge for the graduating class’ design portfolios!

We all scream for 🍦

Team Abovo rings in the first warm days of spring with our favorite – ICE CREAM!


5 Years! Congrats to Allyson on her workiversary.


Abovo celebrates 4:01 with AAF at Brewhalla.


Helping the ND FFA Foundation get ready for their annual State Convention.

Prize Day Friday

Jennifer won it big with the world’s largest gummy worm!🤢


This year, 91% of businesses will use video as a marketing tool. 




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