October 2022 Newsletter

Website Build

There’s no question that your online presence is important. What does your current website say about you? Whether you’re adding functionality or refreshing a look, an online audit is an important step in keeping your website aligned with your brand.

Our friends at Kokada realized an updated site was necessary with their need for an online sales platform. Team Abovo first worked with Kokada to refresh the look of their site with fun graphics, energetic photos, and included video and animation components to the site. We also added a shopping platform to allow for online sales of their products. The website experience now mirrors the energetic brand itself.

Things to consider when looking at your site:
1. Does your online experience match your brand?
2. Does your website provide a friendly user experience?
3. Is your content updated?
4. Does your site work well on mobile?
5. Is your site’s intention clear?

Check out Kokada’s new site at kokada.com


Printing Expo

Thanks to Range Printing for inviting us to their annual vendor show. We love new ideas (and nachos!)

The Audio Guys Ep 1.🎤

Jack and Tristan provided professional audio support for Goldman Sachs event at the Plains Art Museum.

Bye Summer🥲

We toasted the end of summer with rootbeer floats!

Lunch Break

Our new favorite game is Cinco Linko. Even little Lou thinks it’s fun.


KPMG estimates this year’s holiday retail growth at 4.2%. Roughly half of the survey’s respondents are expecting growth in both physical-store and ecommerce traffic.

Source: forbes.com


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