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Game of Homes Cast

North Dakota-based (Fargo) real estate brokerage, Hatch Realty, is known for using their digital and social media spaces to engage and entertain their fans, audience and followers.  Team Abovo concepted and executed a campaign that took advantage of the hype around the season 8 premiere of HBO’s iconic series Game of Thrones.


The concept for our the campaign we created was quite simple: Mimic and mirror the exact design and layout of the promotional images HBO and Game of Thrones was sharing with a real estate twist.

For example: Game of Thrones became Game of Homes

Game of Thrones
Game of Homes

The challenging part of this campaign and idea was the photography.  We could easily replicate some the graphical and text-based elements (as shown above), but we needed to be able to replicate – exactly – the style of photography and editing that was being used in the show’s promotional images.  This is where Team Abovo’s talented photographer, Jonathan, came in to play.


Jonathan used a series of gels, strobes and light-blocking equipment and strategies to create the blue glow and harsh shadows you see to create a “half-face” effect.  Once the photos were composed and shot the way he wanted, they were taken into Adobe Photoshop where he added the blue-eye effect, and brought out the details in the agent’s face and complexion. 

Natalie Before
The camera’s raw file of Hatch Realty agent, Natalie Deutsch. Blue gels, strobes, a back light and light blocking equipment helped create the Game of Thrones look.
Natalie After
Using Adobe Photoshop, Natalie’s details in her face and complexion were brought out, the color of her eye was enhanced and modified and the campaigns graphical elements were added.


Team Abovo worked to photograph 8 agents of Hatch Realty which created an incredible opportunity that allowed our work to live and be used via an 8+ week campaign across multiple different platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.  Individual posts were created of each agent that were used to post once per week during the 8 weeks leading up to season 8’s premiere of Game of Thrones.  We then created a wide graphic that was formatted to use as a Facebook cover photo and website banner that tied everything together during the season’s premiere.

Game of Thrones Cast
Game of Homes Cast
For those familiar with the HBO-series, being a “member of House Stark” was modified to “Agent of House Hatch.”


The work and solution we created for Hatch Realty and this project earned Team Abovo a “Silver” American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award for 2019 in the state of North Dakota.  The award was given in the advertising category of: STILL PHOTOGRAPHY: BLACK & WHITE/COLOR/DIGITALLY ENHANCED.


Team Abovo – Production

Jonathan Calix – Photography and Art Direction

The AAF’s annual award program honors excellence in advertising/marketing and cultivates the highest creative standards and is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.  Each year, AAF members across the country enter more than 40,000 samples of their best work which makes these awards the world’s largest advertising competition.

Silver Addy Game of Homes


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