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Paddlefish Brewing Company, inaugurated in 2023 by a trio of friends, is celebrated as St. Peter, Minnesota’s first brewery since 1942. The founders, drawing inspiration from the local natural heritage, named their brewery after the Paddlefish, a unique species known to congregate in the nearby Minnesota River—a cherished spot among the community. This homage reflects their deep appreciation for the region’s distinctive character and their commitment to crafting beers that resonate with the spirit of St. Peter and its region.


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Our journey with Paddlefish Brewing Company began with a simple yet profound directive: Build a brand around the name they had chosen, one that encapsulated their essence and aspirations. The challenge was not just about creating a logo or selecting a color scheme; it was about weaving St. Peter’s heritage, the founders’ vision and the unique story of the Paddlefish into a cohesive brand identity that could stand the test of time and grow with this energetic group of entrepreneurs.


Abovo began a collaborative and deeply intentional branding journey with Paddlefish Brewing Company. We delved into the fabric and nuances of their story, drawing inspiration from the Paddlefish’s distinctive nature and the brewery’s roots in St. Peter. Every element of the brand, from the typography and color palette to the textures and visual motifs, was crafted with scalability and authenticity in mind. We created a brand that not only reflects the brewery’s current identity but is also designed to evolve gracefully with their expansion, ensuring that Paddlefish Brewing Company’s brand resonates with patrons today and tomorrow.

million years old - that’s the age of the Paddlefish!
signature brews (and growing), each inspired by local heritage.
founders who brought Paddlefish Brewing Company to life.


The collaboration between Abovo and Paddlefish Brewing Company was more than just a branding exercise; it was a journey into the heart of what makes a community tick, a deep dive into the essence of camaraderie, heritage and the entrepreneurial spirit of progress. This project was about capturing the soul of St. Peter, Minnesota, through the lens of its first craft brewery since 1942, and translating that essence into a brand that speaks volumes without uttering a word. It was an endeavor that required not just creativity and technical skill, but empathy, respect for tradition, and a visionary outlook for the future. Every step of the way, from initial brainstorming sessions to the final unveiling of the brand, was marked by a shared commitment to excellence and authenticity. Abovo and Paddlefish Brewing Company worked hand in hand to ensure that every element of the brand—from the logo that echoes the majestic Paddlefish, to the color palette inspired by the natural beauty of the Minnesota River—was a testament to the brewery’s roots and aspirations. This project was not just about creating a visual identity, but about laying a foundation for a brand that could grow, evolve, and become an integral part of the community’s fabric, just like the brewery itself.