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Scope of Team Abovo’s work on this project:

1.  Concept and Idea Creation

Team Abovo was presented with the challenge to create an image that highlighted the diversity of North Dakota agriculture nonprofit, The North Dakota FFA Foundation.  Along with highlighting diversity, we were tasked to feature the organization’s state officers in the final image. Our solution centered around each of the officers representing a different agricultural career area while wearing their iconic blue jackets. Dramatic photography took the concept to the next level, making the state officers look powerful and determined.

2.  Coordination

After the concept and idea was created Team Abovo worked directly with the client to coordinate the shoot and, most importantly, the props.  Fresh vegetables had to be coordinated, a goat (yes, a real goat) was brought into the office and more.

3.  Photography

Each officer in this photo was photographed in our studio over a white background (see below).  To create a realistic image, Team Abovo’s, Jonathan Calix had the challenge of creating light that mimicked a sunset/sunrise behind them.

4.  Photoshop (photography editing)

After the officers were photographed Team Abovo’s Jonathan Calix had the challenge of retouching each image, cutting the background out behind them, adding elements such as the steam coming from the beaker and super-imposing the officers into the North Dakota field.

5.  Strategy/Implementing – When the image was finished, the next stage of work began.  Team Abovo took the completed image and distributed it across multiple platforms including: Banner printing; social media images and using it as a pull-out poster in a printed magazine.



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