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Scope of Team Abovo’s work on this project:

1. Concept and Idea Creation

Team Abovo was presented with the challenge to help our client, Wimmer’s, engage in a deeper way with couples who purchased engagement rings from them. One of the by-products they were hoping to get from this deeper engagement was an increase in sales in men and women’s wedding bands. Team Abovo went to work and developed and created the campaign we named “Wimmer’s Engagement Checklist. “Here is the idea we presented:

STEP 1: A Wimmer’s employee would take a picture of their customer holding the engagement ring they purchased on the day they picked up it up.

STEP 2: Wimmer’s would deliver that photo to us and we would print it.

STEP 3: Wimmer’s would continue to engage with their customer to find out and confirm the engagement took place.

STEP 4: Team Abovo was notified when an engagement was confirmed.

STEP 5: Team Abovo would take the printed photo and display it within a packet we designed and developed with Wimmer’s that congratulated the couple and gave them handy information they could use for planning their wedding. Along with the (only) photograph of their fiancé picking up his/her ring, the packet also included an incentive to come into Wimmer’s for a wedding band and ring cleaning.

2. Coordination

After the concept and idea were created, Team Abovo worked directly with the client to write the copy (text) that would be included in the packet.

3. Graphic Design

Once the copy (text) was confirmed, Team Abovo’s graphic designers created the layout and look of each page.

4. Product Design and Production

Along with the graphic design came the physical design properties this campaign needed. Abovo designed and coordinated the box and address label which allowed the packet to be mailed; we worked with our printer to custom brush the edges of the pages with gold; we created a custom foiled stamp that was used to apply the logo to each page; we sourced a custom 3-ring, gold binder to hold the pages together; and we sourced packaging (krinkle) that aligned with the Wimmer’s brand style guide and color palette.

5. Implementation Strategy and Systems

Helping our client successfully implement and maintain this campaign was important to us. Team Abovo worked with Wimmer’s to create a customized private webpage that allows the client to log the information needed to make the campaign successful. The private backend allows for the entry of names, email addresses, mailing addresses and the ability to upload and deliver the photo taken at the store. It also includes the platform to confirm an engagement once it happens. Every piece of information logged is sent directly to our team in an organized and efficient document that allows us to follow through on building each engagement checklist, placing the photo and mailing it when appropriate.

Client: Wimmer’s

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