Abovo: Proudly Standing as North Dakota’s Only Current Certified LGBTBE®

Abovo has the distinct honor of being the only business in North Dakota currently certified as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Business Enterprise (LGBTBE®) by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), an update we’re proud to share with our community, clients, friends and family. Since our establishment in 2017 by Andrew Young, Abovo has been at the forefront of creative marketing, continuously striving for excellence.

This certification is a significant landmark for us. It symbolizes our dedication to fostering diversity (one of our core values!) and representation in the business sector. Our team, though small, has consistently been recognized for its outstanding talent and innovation, securing numerous industry awards over the years. A key moment in our journey was the encouragement we received from one of our very own clients to pursue LGBTBE® certification – we’re immensely grateful for their support.

Our services range from web and e-commerce design to printing, graphic design, photography, videography, and marketing coaching, each underpinned by our commitment to innovation and excellence. But it’s our approach to business that truly differentiates us.

Andrew Young, our founder, shares his perspective: “Receiving the status of North Dakota’s only current LGBTBE® is an honor and a responsibility. It’s a reflection of our belief in the transformative power of diversity in business and community. My family, including my husband Jeremy and our daughter Mari, represents the diverse narratives we strive to include in our work. This certification is not about labels; it’s a demonstration of how diversity, one of our company’s core values, is taken seriously and celebrated.”

As North Dakota’s only current LGBTBE®, we see this as a commitment to continue advocating for diversity and inclusion in the business landscape. We hope our journey encourages others to recognize and embrace the value of diversity in all aspects of business and life. Here’s to embracing uniqueness, creativity and leading change in the business community.

For more insights or information on how to get your business certified, please visit nglcc.org.


Fargo, North Dakota based Design-Marketing agency. Skilled in: Web design and e-commerce, social media, video, branding, graphic design, photography and more.



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