February 2024 Newsletter: Our Latest Website Build

FMSM Case Study

We’re excited to share the latest success story from Abovo – our recent collaboration with the Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum, where we’ve given their website a serious makeover. Working with such a dynamic organization, armed with a compelling mission and an exceptional team, has been incredibly rewarding for us.

Our approach to website development involves five crucial phases, a tried-and-true method we apply to every project:

  1. Discovery: We dug deep into the organization’s mission, audience, and vision, laying the groundwork for a website that truly captures the essence of the Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum.
  2. Sitemap: This phase was all about crafting a seamless and engaging navigation experience by carefully structuring the website’s flow. It served as our roadmap for outlining the overall framework.
  3. Wireframe: We honed in on functionality and layout, creating a blueprint that set the stage for the subsequent design elements. This step ensured a solid foundation for the entire project.
  4. Design: Here’s where creativity took center stage. We aimed to design visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces, injecting the website with the brand’s unique identity and aesthetic.
  5. Development: The final phase brought everything to life. Our development team meticulously coded a responsive, interactive website based on the design, ensuring a seamless user experience.

For an in-depth dive into this transformative project, check out our detailed case study here.

If your website is due for a refresh, why not give us a call? Let’s start elevating your online presence together!



Abovo on Campus! We captured the spirit of NDSU in our video footage.

❤️Family Tradition

Crafty traditions continue with our annual canvas project.


Lights, camera, technicolor action! Northern Cass’ photoshoot for their upcoming musical was spectacular.

Santa’s Helpers

Thankful for Mother Nature’s splendid weather for the 2023 holiday mailing delivery.


The first item sold online is often attributed to a Sting CD, “Ten Summoner’s Tales.” This historic online transaction took place in August 1994 on the NetMarket platform. 

Source: www.smithsonian.com



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