April 2024 Newsletter: Our Award Winning Work

Kokada Brand Style Guide

Creating a brand is like planning a great party – every detail matters! Nowadays, everyone and everything seems to be jumping on the branding bandwagon, and it’s fantastic. But here’s the thing: Building a brand is only half the battle. How do you protect it? How do you stay true to all the hard work and dedication you’ve poured into your company?

Think about the comforting feeling you get when you walk into your favorite store. That’s the power of a good brand. It’s not just a logo or a name; it’s an experience, and if it’s a well-branded product, it’s consistently great. You should never be in doubt about where you are or what you’re dealing with when it comes to a top-notch brand.

To keep your brand shining like a star, a trusty brand style guide is critical. Think of it as your brand’s handbook – a living, breathing document that sets the rules. It tells everyone working with your brand what to do, how to do it, which colors to use, and how not to showcase your brand. No more guesswork – just clear, concise guidelines.

When you first develop your brand, the guide might be a few pages long, but as your brand grows, so does its guide. Take our friends at Kokada, for example; their brand style guide is a whopping 60+ pages! It’s a detailed masterpiece, ensuring that the Kokada vibe remains intact wherever it’s used.

We’re thrilled to share that our dedication to the Kokada brand style guide has earned us a Silver Award at the 2024 District 8 American Advertising Federation Awards. This project was also awarded a Gold Addy at our local chapter’s awards. Some may call us rule followers, but we say guides are a blast – and crucial for keeping that brand magic alive.

Read and see more of this project here.


da future😎

Understanding how new technology works and its applications is crucial to us, which is why we tried Apple Vision Pro (it’s amazing).

So much talent!

We enjoyed a special preview performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” by Northern Cass School

Award season🏆

Thanks to AAF ND for a fantastic evening at the 2024 Addy Awards!

Congrats Andrew!

Andrew was selected by BankBeat Magazine as one of their 2024 “Amazing Outside Directors.”

Congrats Andrew! (again)

Andrew was highlighted as an NDSU alumni this month.


Celebrating Tristan’s three-year work anniversary—cheers to that!


No detail is overlooked at this Kokada photoshoot.


People judge products based on color within 90 seconds, and colors influence 62% to 90% of their decision.

Source: www.scirp.org


Industry: Food (nut-free alternative)

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