March 2024 Newsletter: Take a bite of AI

The AI Sandwich

In the ever-expanding realm of AI, it has become an incredibly useful tool for many different industries and roles. It’s very likely you’ve begun using (as we have, too!) and if not, you will be soon. At Abovo, we’ve created a framework to guide the use of platforms like ChatGPT, we’d like to share with you, using something familiar to everyone: A sandwich. The “AI Sandwich,” is our metaphorical approach that highlights the crucial role humans play in maximizing the potential of AI.

Much like a sandwich needs bread on both sides to hold everything together, effective AI utilization begins and concludes with human involvement. Picture it this way: The human touch initiates the process, setting up the groundwork, and then comes into play once more at the end, ensuring the results are refined and meet the desired outcomes.

The middle, the “meaty” part of our metaphorical sandwich, represents the AI and its capabilities. But, just as a sandwich lacks completeness without its bread, AI isn’t as effective without the guiding hand of human interaction at the start and finish.

To delve deeper into this concept and discover how you can make AI
work optimally for your needs, we created this blog and guide for your convenience, reference and use. Gain insights into our approach and learn
how the perfect blend of human input and artificial intelligence can truly enhance your experiences.



Abovo is proud to be the only certified LGBTBE business in North Dakota!


We’re pleased to contribute to our community with the FMWF Chamber of Commerce.


Hello to MSA United Way! Andrew spent time in Bismarck and enjoyed visiting clients.


We love Giving Hearts Day!

Hidden Talent👩🏻‍🍳

Kristen whipped up some creme brulee. Sometimes we’re fancy like that.

Film Premiere🎥

Congrats to Tristan on the premiere of his short film “Worthy Men”.


Global customer service leaders anticipate 95% of customer interactions to involve AI bots within the next three years.



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