Abovo Celebrates a Milestone: Silver Addy at the District Level

In a recent showcase of talent and creativity, our team at Abovo has been honored with the Silver Award at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) District Level. This comes on the heels of our Gold Award victory at the Regional Level, thanks to our collaborative project with Kokada, the brand known for its delightful coconut-based spreads. This significant district-level recognition marks our first in this arena, joining our collection of 24 regional awards and spotlighting the innovative spirit and talent thriving right here in North Dakota.

Open pages of the Kokada brand style guide displaying vibrant layouts and designs, awarded a Silver by the American Advertising Federation at the District contest, advancing to Nationals.
The Kokada brand style guide, created by Abovo, which garnered a Silver Award at the District level, is set to compete at the National American Advertising Federation competition.

At Abovo, we pride ourselves on a broad spectrum of services we bring with passion to every project. From crafting engaging websites and e-commerce platforms to strategic marketing consultations and creating compelling narratives through graphic design and 3D rendering, our commitment to innovative marketing and advertising excellence is unwavering. Our dedicated team (Team Abovo!) is the driving force behind these achievements, demonstrating just how powerful a small force can really be.

Close-up of the Kokada brand style guide held open to the table of contents, showing the depth and complexity of the document.
A detailed view of the award-winning Kokada brand style guide by Abovo, revealing the extensive table of contents.

Reflecting on this significant achievement, Andrew Young, our founder and creative director, noted, “This district-level recognition is a testament to our team’s creativity, hard work and the dynamic relationships we’ve built with our clients. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to represent Fargo and North Dakota on a national stage and showcase the capabilities of our dedicated team.”

As we gear up for the National AAF Awards, we are eager to demonstrate our capabilities and continue making our mark in marketing and advertising. This award celebrates our past accomplishments and affirms our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative, impactful solutions.

Abovo team members, Kristen Kjellberg, Jennifer Hicks, Tristan Pfaff, and Andrew Young, smiling and holding award trophies at the Regional American Advertising Federation awards ceremony.
Members of the Abovo team celebrate their wins at the Regional American Advertising Federation awards. From left, Kristen Kjellberg, Jennifer Hicks, Tristan Pfaff, and founder Andrew Young, showcase their achievement in Fargo, N.D.

We invite you to explore our portfolio of work, including our project highlight page showcasing the work that earned us these two awards.

At Abovo, we believe in the power of creativity and the impact of a well-told story. This recognition is a moment of pride for our team and a beacon of inspiration for future projects. Here’s to many more milestones, innovative projects, and the continued growth of creative talent in North Dakota.


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