August 2023 Newsletter: Finding Ways to Market the Future

Summit Point
 Development Video

As a marketing company, we have the unique opportunity to not only tell the story of existing products and services, but also to sell the promise of opportunities that are yet to be built. This is an exciting and challenging aspect of our work, as it requires us to tap into the realm of possibility and create a vision of what will be. Summit Point, a residential development in Bismarck, ND, came to us with this unique challenge. Their community was impeccably planned, and they needed to be able to tell that story to the public and allow their vision to be clear – even though no ground had been broken on site. 

Here, we become storytellers of the future, weaving narratives that inspire and captivate our audience, while igniting their imagination. By using drone video of the property, we were able to apply animation and graphic overlays to accurately display the future development and paint a vivid picture of the future, highlighting the benefits and impact of the opportunities that lie ahead. By leveraging storytelling techniques, we create an emotional connection between our audience and the yet-to-be-built community. Our purpose is not just to sell a product or service; it is to create a shared vision of a better future, where the possibilities are limitless.

What story do you have to tell? Let us know if we can help!

Check out the Summit Point project here.


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Team Abovo custom designed wallpaper with hidden meaning and obvious beauty.

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July is a BUSY birthday month at Abovo. Happy Birthday to over half the team. We’re getting spoiled with all these treats!

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Team Abovo helped the Great Plains Food Bank with new headshots.

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3D Printed Signage

Unlocking a world of weather-defying sign possibilities with 3D printing.

C'mon Barbie let's eat ice cream

Barbie, the iconic branding superstar, has captivated generations, making the movie premiere a must-celebrate event.


91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023.

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