How to write a thank you card

How to write a thank you card

Consumer trend research and small business owners have highlighted the essential business practice of thanking your customers, clients and consumers.  We’ve documented some of those studies and stories here.

Now that you know how important this simple concept is, the next step is learning how to properly write a thank-you note.  Thanking your customer for shopping at your store is much different than thanking your Grandma for the birthday gift she sent you.

We’ve pulled together some guidelines and steps to help you write the perfect professional thank-you card.  Check it out, implement it and let us know how it changes your business.

  1. Start with a greeting and use the person’s name.

Hi Emma,

  1. Now comes the thank-you. Make it simple, short and direct.

Thanks for shopping with our store, last week!

  1. Add something personal. Let them know you remembered them and/or you’re a real person writing this note.

We were so happy we could help you find an outfit for your friend’s birthday party.  We hope the party is great. 

  1. Close it up. End with a greeting.  Choose something that’s comfortable and stick with it in every card or note you write.



Best wishes,

Thanks again,

With gratitude,

With thanks,

Hope to see you again,

 That’s it.  That’s all you have to do to make a lasting impression.  Adopt these into your business and we promise you’ll see a difference.  Some things to remember and consider that will help make you successful at implementing thank-you cards:

Tip 1

Time block thank you cards: Time block 30 minutes each week for thank-cards for you or for any of your team members. Each note should take 2-3 minutes.  With addressing, writing and packing, you could get up to 10 notes out in one session.  Our recommended word count: No more than 50 words.

Tip 2

Find your favorite thank-card, card stock or get a custom thank-you card designed. Having these on-hand will make writing your cards easy and assist in becoming part of your company’s routine.

Tip 3

Have stamps available at all times. When you write your card, you need to have everything ready to go from time, paper, writing utensils and stamps.  When you’re finished with your card it should be able to go right to your outgoing mail or walked to the nearest USPS drop box.

Tip 4

If you don’t know your customers address you may want to think about implementing something to gather the address. Remember, if you’re an online store, you don’t have to have met the person to send them a thank you card!  You can always execute simple searches and see where some of your customers work.  Mail the card to them there!


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