Magic of QR Codes: Riding the Trend Wave

The pandemic pushed QR (Quick Response) codes into the mainstream and trained everyone on how to use a QR code. Whether you like, love or hate them, they seem to be something that’s not only here to stay, but becoming even more popular as people and industries continue to find new ways to use them. Team Abovo stumbled upon a treasure trove of insights in the form of a brand-new report on QR code trends, and its results and findings were worth sharing and recapping for you.

The QR Code Renaissance

You may have thought QR codes were a thing of the past (or would end with the pandemic), but they continue to be useful for a variety of businesses and industries. If QR codes were a Hollywood celebrity, they’d be winning an Oscar for “Best Comeback” right now. Remember those clunky, pixelated codes that once graced our cereal boxes? Well, they’ve evolved into sleek, stylish, and incredibly versatile tools for connecting with your audience.

QR Codes are Hot

The report, which you can check out here, helped us understand QR codes by identifying the trends of how organizations are using them and how users are engaging with them. Here are some highlights:

1. Contactless Menus and Payments

Ever been to a restaurant and wanted to view the menu on your phone? QR codes are making it happen, giving you touch-free access to menus and even allowing you to pay your bill with a simple scan. No more fumbling with germy physical menus or credit cards. The added benefit of the reduction of printing costs is another reason restaurants continue to use these scannable codes.

2. Event Tickets and Boarding Passes

Say goodbye to paper tickets! QR codes are your new best friends for boarding flights, attending concerts, or hitting up that Broadway show. Just scan, and you’re in.

3. Smart Marketing

Marketers are going bonkers over QR codes because they offer insight into the performance of their ads. Creating a QR code properly allows you to see insight such as the number of scans, location of scans and other informative data. Marketers are using them to create interactive, engaging experiences for customers. You might see them in magazines, on product packaging and even on commercials.

4. Healthcare Heroes

In the era of telehealth, QR codes are helping healthcare professionals share vital information with patients, whether it’s appointment details or prescription instructions. It’s like having your doctor in your pocket.

QR Codes for Your Business

You may be thinking of ways you can use and insert QR codes in your own business, and it would be a great choice to do so. As you identify ways you can use these scannable codes, keep Team Abovo’s best practices and tips in mind:

1. Create Eye-Catching Codes

Make your QR codes visually appealing. You can customize them with your brand colors and logo to stand out. See some examples of a few codes we’ve created for our projects and clients. [insert/pull examples for our QR code generator login]

2. Mobile-Friendly Content

Remember: If someone is scanning a QR code, it means they’ll be visiting your website from their phone or tablet. It is critical that the content linked to your QR codes is mobile-friendly and adds value to your audience.

3. Track and Analyze

Take advantage of one of the major benefits QR codes offer: Data! Track the performance of your QR codes. Use this data and insight to tweak your strategy for even better results.

4. Stay Creative

Because they’re becoming so commonly used, boring (standard) QR codes will not stand out to your audience. Get imaginative with how you use them. Think outside the box (or in this case, the square)!


QR codes are back, and they’re cooler than ever. They’re simplifying our lives, enhancing our experiences and helping businesses connect with their audience in innovative ways. Embrace the QR code revolution, and find ways they can add value to your customers and audience. Stay curious, stay creative and happy QR coding! 


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