November 2023 Newsletter: Unlock the Secrets to a More Inclusive Internet! 🔓🌐

Web Accessibility

Picture the internet as a magical realm, a place where everyone can roam freely and comfortably, just like in our everyday lives. This enchanting concept is called digital accessibility, and guess what? It’s a fundamental human right. In plain language, it means that absolutely everyone, regardless of their abilities, should be able to surf the web without any barriers blocking their path. So, how can you be a hero and ensure this web wonderland stays inclusive and user-friendly? Click here and catch up on our recent blog on website compliance and how you can get started on accessibility on your website. 

In a nutshell, digital accessibility isn’t just tech jargon – it’s all about creating an online universe that welcomes every single person with open arms. By following these guidelines, you’re not only increasing your site’s searchability, function and SEO, but you’re also helping shape a more accessible online galaxy. 

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🍪Taste Meets Technology🤖

Andrew appeared on ND Today – talking about our 3D printed cookie cutters.

Season Kick-Off Party

Tristan attended the first ND-AAF event of the season, this time as a Board Member!

Welcome to Fargo ❤️

Spin the Globe visited Fargo, including our mural wall.

👧🏼👦🏻Abovo Kindergarten

At Abovo we still lead with imagination and creativity.

Sayin Hi 👋🏻

Natalie from the University of Jamestown and her kiddos Leo and Willa visited during NDEA break.


16% of the world’s population has some form of disability. Ensuring online content is accessible is not only a legal requirement in many places but also makes good business sense.



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