November 2022 Newsletter

It’s the thought that counts. Really, it is.

Gift giving is something we love to do at Abovo. We take great pride in curating surprises for (or on behalf of) others. So, what is the secret to finding that special something? For us, bright copy is the right copy.

In the world of corporate gifting, it’s difficult to give meaningful, personal items. Often gifts become sterile and impersonal. Will pens be able to express your heartfelt thanks? Can umbrellas say congratulations? With clever copy accompanying the gift, they sure can!

Our top tips for corporate gifting:
1. Create a cohesive theme and adhere tightly to it.
2. Packaging is part of the experience – Don’t overlook this!
3. Choose your words wisely. Connect the item(s) to your copy, and connect your copy to the feelings you want to express.
4. Keep delivery in mind. Are you hand delivering or shipping?

With the right plan, you’ll truly feel the joy of gifting and others will receive your genuine feelings loud and clear.


Fargo Wine🍷

Andrew discussed Famiglia Meschini’s “Fargo Wine” project on VNL

Kokada Booth

Kokada’s trade show booth is so fun and fits them perfectly!

Prize Day Friday🎉

Kristen won the highly acclaimed apple butter at the office and didn’t share.

Happy Halloween🎃

Team Abovo loves to dress up!


In 2010, American Express created Small Business Saturday, a movement to support local during the holiday season and year round.



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