Power of Thank You Cards

Power of Thank You Cards

The power behind something simple: Saying “Thank You.”

By Andrew J. Young

If it were up to your parents, they may have been some of the first words of your vocabulary.  If they weren’t some of your first, you probably still have memories of your loved ones making you say those two simple words every time someone gave you a piece of candy or helped you tie your shoes.  They’re fundamental signs of respect and kindness and they’re words we use often with our loved ones, friends and important people in our lives.

As marketers or small business owners, customers, clients and consumers are very important people in our lives.  They drive our sales, support our products, promote our brands and are the best tellers of our story.  They deserve a huge thank you.

Forbes.com released an article 25 Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know, and number 18 on that list: Thank you cards to your customers.  “The best type of content marketing is a genuine thank you letter,” stated Forbes.com.   Many of the companies Forbes.com studied found that nearly 70% of the time, handwritten thank-you cards were shared on social media which resulted in referrals up by nearly 23%.

American Express highlighted small businesses in America who deploy handwritten thank you cards and have seen success from.  Julie Angelen Joy, a business owner in Boise, Idaho says, “There are lots of digital methods of communication and my clients are bombarded via those channels every day.”  Joy owns and is the founder of Z Group PR.  “A handwritten note takes time and shows that they’re worth the effort.”

We show our appreciation towards the ones we love by saying thank you and it’s becoming essential we extend the words to our clients, spheres, consumers and customers.  It’s a simple thing and it’s a win-win for both your business and its customers.  Of course, there are differences between a handwritten thank you card wrote to a personal friend or family member and a card written to your customers or clients.  Check out our guide on writing thank you cards to your clients, customers and consumers.


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