Wimmer’s “Grease” Print Ad

When given the opportunity to create a print advertisement for Fargo jeweler, Wimmer’s, that would appear inside the Playbill for Northern Cass High School’s production of Grease, we knew connecting the ad to the pop culture context would be key, and we were able to do just that with creative copy writing.

Pop Culture Placement

Few musicals are as widely recognized throughout pop culture as Grease. From the iconic ‘50s imagery, to the know-them-by-heart songs, Grease is relevant across almost all age-groups and demographics. Because of this, we knew a successful ad would be one that harnesses a piece of that pop culture power. From there, the question and challenge was: How do we connect an ad for Wimmer’s, a local family-owned jeweler, with the theme and placement of a Grease Playbill?

Grease Northern Cass Program
Wimmer's We Go Together

The Creative Solution

When considering the nature of a print ad, we determined the most effective way to tie Wimmer’s together with Grease would be through copy. With that in mind, what better way to connect the two than with lyrics from one of the instantly-recognizable songs. Paired with the imagery of a matching set of rings, We go Together, took on a new meaning.

Silver Addy "Grease" Ad Award

Award Winning Copy

The copy we wrote for this advertisement earned Team Abovo a “Silver” American Advertising Federation (AAF) Award for 2019 in the state of North Dakota.

The AAF’s annual award program honors excellence in advertising/marketing and cultivates the highest creative standards and is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry.  Each year, AAF members across the country enter more than 40,000 samples of their best work which makes these awards the world’s largest advertising competition.


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