September 2023 Newsletter: From Flat to Fantastic – Make your next print project stand out

Unfold the Magic:

When it comes to print materials, there are lots of creative ways to carefully fold and artfully bind documents, brochures, and promotional content. It’s really helpful to understand all the different choices you have, each with its own unique qualities and costs. In print design, you have many chances to use clever folds and special binding methods that go beyond just looking nice. These choices can do more than that – they can make a printed item stand out and affect how a reader understands the information. Think of it like a dance of folds and bindings that guides how people read. This can leave a strong impression that matches the core of what your business is about.

At Abovo, we’re here to help you with all your print projects. Whether your needs lean towards the imaginative or the intricate, we take pleasure in crafting materials that illuminate the essence of your business. Feel free to explore our guide on folding and binding techniques, and if you’re interested in turning your vision into reality for your next print project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your ideas, our expertise – a perfect partnership.

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ABABY News👶🏻

Meet our newest team member, Teryn Grace Kjellberg. Congrats to Kristen and Tye!

Board games just got real🤩

Tristan has been selected to join the North Dakota American Advertising Federation Board!


The first books were bound in India around 100 BCE. Scribes would write on palm leaves which, after finishing, were bound with twine, creating a book.

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